Rp 500.000

Course Type: Workshop (AVAILABLE ONLINE)

Social media has a significant role in setting standard in society about women’s beauty standards, that women are expected to have a smaller physical appearance while men are expected to be bigger. This standard makes women afraid to have muscles so they do not want to do strength training because they are afraid to look like a man or far from women’s beauty standards. In fact,there are many benefits that women can get from strength training, physically and mentally.

Based on this understanding, Strong Sisters Indonesia presents women’s fitness and health related workshop. This is the one and only women empowerment workshop that aims to discuss how strength training can improve the women’s quality of lifethrough fitness.

Course objectives:
1. Discovering your superpowers through fitness
2. Understanding special conditions that every woman should know before lifting weights
3. Create DIY fitness program that suits your needs
4. Get to know women’s anatomical and physiological differences

Media Belajar: Modul akan diberikan peserta saat menghadiri workshop.

CEC Point: 2

Syarat peserta: Umum

Durasi Workshop: Satu (1) hari ONLINE / Satu (1) hari REGULAR.